Amethyst Basin - High Uintas

  Last weekend Jhosmar and I headed to Amethyst Basin in the High Uintas of Utah. If you've looked into going up into the Uintas, you've probably heard about Amethyst Lake and the surrounding area. The lakes in this basin are a gorgeous deep sapphire that sparkles beneath a midday sun while colorful red-bellied brookies chase woolly-buggers on the [...]

New Video Work

Recently I've decided to expand my gear and challenge my abilities by crossing into the world of moving pictures. While my 5DmkII does a great job of capturing HD cinematic quality video, it does need help from several accessories to really produce outstanding footage. Finally with the investment in better microphones, focusing aids, and a video fluid head, I can begi[...]

Polarizers - Make Your Images "POP"

A polarizer is one of the most often-used items in my bag. Those new to photography often hear photographers mention polarizers but aren't really sure what they are or what they are used for. Most importantly, what effect does a polarizer have on an image? Instead of explaining how they work, I will refer you to Cambridge in Color - they do a far better job at e[...]

Photographing Waterfalls Part 1: Equipment

There is something magical about photographing fast moving water. We generally find a cascade in a relatively remote setting – they are in the mountains and canyons, not in urban cities. The water engulfs our senses, filling our ears with a soothing gurgle or a great roar, and perhaps covering our with skin chilled droplets or chilling our legs as we wade into the s[...]


RAW vs JPG You’ve finally got that DSLR that you always dreamed about. Finally – increased control of your photography via enhanced processors, sensors, and lenses is going to allow you to creatively blossom. You turn the camera on, and start scrolling excitedly through all the settings. All of these settings are a little overwhelming, but they are also exciting you.[...]

Arches National Park

Behold, the harsh and dramatic landscape of Arches National Park. A little less than 4 miles north of Moab, UT, this national park has 2000+ sandstone arches on over 76,000 acres of land at about 5,000 ft. elevation. Geology Lesson I think knowing a bit about the geology of an area can go a long way in appreciating its features – this is especially true for Arches[...]

Sunskis and Self-Portraits

I've been traveling like crazy, mostly to National Parks. Grand Tetons...Arches...Canyonlands...Bryce Canyon...Zion...Antelope Canyons...The Wave...madness!!!  I'm on an edit overload! So here's a quickie... A couple weekends past I was glad to spend some time with my girlfriend, Jhosmar, in Cincinnati, OH. One of the nice things about having a girlfriend as beautifu[...]

Autumn is Here

Last weekend I headed over to Cascade Springs, UT and indeed, autumn is tiptoeing in slowly but surely. My excitement is growing as this really is my favorite time of year to photograph. Rather than repeat myself, I'm going to point you to last years post about shooting fall color. But before you go, a quick shot of one of the quaint bridges at Cascade Springs...

Argentine Tango Club of University of Utah

Last Thursday was the first Fall Milonga for a new tango initiative in the Salt Lake area - Argentine Tango Club of University of Utah. The event featured an introductory tango class and then a three hours milonga (social dance). This fall, beginner classes are every Thursday from 6-7 pm followed by a practica from 7-8:30 pm at the Peterson Heritage Center dance roo[...]