• Plains of Kosovo
    Plains of Kosovo
    A view of the countryside that surrounds Pristina, Kosovo
  • Gračanica Monastery
    Gračanica Monastery
    This Serbian Orthodox monastery was built in 1321 atop the ruins of a 13th century church of the Holy Virgin, which was built on the ruins of a 6th century early Christian three-naved basilica. Gračanica is located in present day Kosovo.
  • Mokra Gora Church
    Mokra Gora Church
    A historical reconstruction in Mokra Gora, the Serbian film director Emir Kusturica financed the contstruction of Drvengrad, an ethno-village depicted traditional Serbian life.
  • Proud Conductor
    Proud Conductor
    A proud Serbian train conductor of the Šargan Eight, a historic narrow gauge railway
  • Sutjeska Monument
    Sutjeska Monument
    The monument to the Partisan soldiers' triumph against the Germans at the Battle of Sutjeska in May 1943